Caroline+Ben = Lots of Firsts

Happy Leap Day!

Today is a day of firsts.  This is the first time I’ve installed WordPress on my own server.  This is the first post to said WordPress blog, the first time I’ve built “blog panels” and the first time that I’ll publicly speak about an amazing experience I had January 25th, 2012.

I’m sure that as soon as I type Clayton Austin in this post, this blog will immediately be swarmed by all of his groupies worldwide.  Yes, that’s just amazing he is.  His vintage inspired photography is… inspiring.   To make a long story short, I was invited to Clayton’s one day Share the Goodness workshop.  While this wasn’t the first time I’d met Clayton (he shot my cousin’s wedding a few years prior), it would be the first time I’d fly several hundred miles to attend a photography workshop and the first workshop I would attend that included a live shoot.  Do you remember watching that movieCharlie and the Chocolate Factory as a child and that feeling you felt when Charlie got a golden ticket?  Yup, that’s what it felt like receiving an invitation to the workshop.

Carrying on with the firsts…

This was the first time I’d meet an amazing group of people.  I’ve debated on whether or not I’d go into detail about each of them (thanks for showing us all up Tahni)… if I do, I’m sure I’ll tear up all over my keyboard… and that’s no good… I mean, there really aren’t any words that can truly express how amazing each of them are anyway.  Tho that song from Fivel’s American Tale, Somewhere Out There, comes to mind.

Tahni, yes… it’s true… we clearly knew each other in a previous life.  Long lost soul mate.

Derrek, I still don’t believe that this was your first experience… with still images.  Nine other people have your “V” card!  Your videos are inspiring.  I’m certain that you’ll be receiving inquiries from across the pond soon.

Athena, I. AM. ATHENA.  Sorry, it just slipped out.  I enjoy that there’s someone else in the group that’ll randomly bust out into song.

Kelsea, you’re crazy talented and so quiet.

Justin, “just tap out.  I love you.”  Don’t worry, I cried too.

Tanner, you are crazy humble.  Your video work is great, and you’re currently taking the world by storm.  Yeah, I read about that Mtv gig you just scored.  Congrats!

Caroline+Ben, thank you for being gorgeous…and for modeling for us.  Belated congrats on your engagement!  The photographer that shoots your wedding is gonna have it easy.

Clayton, I kinda wanna repeat the “just tap out” line…but that seems lame.

Tahni, Derrek, Athena, Kelsea, Justin, Tanner, Clayton and Caroline+Ben I *HEART* you all!  Yes, those are indeed links above… and you should take time to check out each of their portfolios, it’s time well invested.

I’d like to thank Clayton for, so many things,  bringing this group together, inspiring us and imparting a wealth of knowledge upon us.  This experience and the relationships made are priceless.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Share the Goodnessworkshop (at the time of writing, the June 6-7 workshop was sold out), do not hesitate,DO IT!  [I think the original STGers should crash the June workshop.]

Oh yeah, and Athena asked me to write about those 600 thread count sheets from Restoration Hardware that Clayton had on the guest bed for me.  I think I should talk about the bamboo box I had to mail back. :)

Ok, I thought I was a photographer because I was bad with words… lets wrap it up and get on with the goodness.

Here’s the goodness that came from Share the Goodness:

STG_Caroline+Ben_Panel01 STG_Caroline+Ben_Panel02 STG_Caroline+Ben_Panel03 STG_Caroline+Ben_Panel04 STG_Caroline+Ben_Panel05 STG_Caroline+Ben_Panel06 STG_Caroline+Ben_Panel07 STG_Caroline+Ben_Panel08 STG_Caroline+Ben_Panel09 STG_Caroline+Ben_Panel10 STG_Caroline+Ben_Panel11 STG_Caroline+Ben_Panel12 STG_Caroline+Ben_Panel13 STG_Caroline+Ben_Panel14 STG_Caroline+Ben_Panel15 STG_Caroline+Ben_Panel16 STG_Caroline+Ben_Panel17

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